Queering the Map story project

Mapping Queer Histories, Designing Queer Community:
A sociological study of Queering the Map

GU ref no: 2019/532

Queering the Map is an innovative online platform. People anonymously pin their experiences, memories and histories to an online global map, and each pin contains a unique micro-story of queerness. These are stories of the meaningful and mundane experiences of LGBTQI+ life. They form a living archive, collectively building new forms of community across the globe. A complex mapping of queer people’s experiences in Australia is emerging.

We are interested in peoples’ experiences with and understandings of the site – both its design and the storytelling aspect. As well as highlighting spaces where people have experienced trauma and discrimination, Queering the Map is covered in stories of joy, discovery, love, friendship and community. These are stories that, in their individual and collective forms, resist heterosexuality as normal and standard. This project will uncover what lies beneath some of these stories, extending discussions on how queerness is understood and lived.

Interviews for this project were completed in 2020.

Publications from the project include:

Kirby E, Watson A, Churchill B, Robards B and LaRochelle L (2021) Queering the map: stories of love, loss and (be)longing within a digital cartographic archive. Media, Culture and Society. OnlineFirst 21 January 2021.