Aims and Objectives

The aim of the project is to provide a critical sociological analysis of digital archiving and storytelling, focusing on how the relationship between digital and physical spaces shapes how people understand and engage in online community-making practices. We want to understand how this platform actively cultivates, by design, queer community. We know that communities can develop online. What is interesting about platforms like Queering the Map is how community-centred design facilitates new forms of solidarity.

Focusing on relationships between digital design, space and storytelling, the central objective of this project is to explore how people understand and digitally engage in acts of queering space with Queering the Map. Through data scraping, re-visualisation, and in-depth interviews, this project aims to:

Systematically document the experiences and perceptions of users who engage with Queering the Map

Improve understandings of community archiving and digital storytelling practices

Expose the potential for reconfiguring forms of resistance and solidarity through new platforms for collectivity and community-making

Provide key insights into how a collective ‘site’ of resilience may be generated online and beyond